Sunday, October 13, 2013

My week in review: All roads lead to Thanksgiving.

Whoa Nelly did this week ever kick my sorry ass. 

Not always in a bad way! The FTs (fun time, friend time, family time) more than counteracted the week's more stressful moments. Let's make a list! But just a five-pointer, because I'm at my parents' house right now (ya man Thanksgiving is tomorrow) and we're all sorts of excited that Anthony Bourdain is in Sicily tonight. (If that doesn't make sense to you, click on over here for enlightenment.)

1. Kanye West tickets have been acquired! Sam, Tara and I will soon be breathing the same air as Yeezy/Yeezus/Walker with Jesus/Mr. North West himself. Insert all the dancing emojis! And the beer emojis!

2. I BEAT LEVEL 91 ON CANDY CRUSH. Hashtag proud as fuck! (But let's just ignore the fact I've already been trapped on Level 92 for two days. Hashtag love-hate relationship.) (How sad is it that this was even remotely memorable? Hashtag find more hobbies.)

3. Spent an entire beautiful, glorious, wine-soaked day with my main ladies yesterday. Happy 27th, Taniushka! What's even better, TT/Ash/Me also has a post-work meet-up/rehash on Wednesday night, making me a very spoiled lady in the girlfriend department. Anyway, I'm uber excited to write about our lovely Saturday together, so stay tuned for deets later this week.

4. Spent Friday night vegging couch-style with my main squeeze. Josh has been powering through a tight, hectic schedule this week, thanks to a new gig he's working on. Luckily, our down-time overlapped perfectly on Friday night, giving us a few hours to chillax (real word?) and Netflix and generally spend some awakeness in each other's presence. Maaaakin' it happennn.

5. SKYPE. Leila. Hearts for everyone (but really just for us two). At the risk of overt cheesiness, I have to say how happy it made me to see that girl's face. We only chatted for twenty minutes or so, but that's enough time to keep me going until she's back in town two weeks from now. Sending you all the good vibes for your upcoming exams, Leilistotle!

Not to brag, but I honestly feel like l could easily list a dozen more highlights. Maybe I didn't fully appreciate it at the time but, looking back, it was a damn good week! Right now, though? I'm gonna spend some time with my folks because I'm home and I've missed them and I think they've missed me too. Alla prossima & have a great night. :*

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