Thursday, October 10, 2013

Movie theatre education: Don Jon Edition.


Whether by accident or by design, I hadn't seen a single frame of Don Jon footage until tonight. Not to say I went into the the movie totally blind -- nah, I was packing a general idea of the story and (almost more importantly) I am a straight female who's watched (500) Days many a time. Really, how much more equipped does one to be?

I can't, in good conscience, say I loved the movie... or even liked it A LOT.  However! On the metro-ride back home (after giving up on Candy Crush) (that game is ruining my life) (FUCK UUUUU LEVEL 91!!!)

(...Okay where was I? O right...)

On the metro-ride back home, Don Jon got me thinking about relationships & the funny business of getting to know someone beyond a superficial level. For starters, I don't want to dismiss all "superficial" interactions outright. Sometimes, there are people in your life you don't know deeply or very personally, but whose presence you're happy to welcome. And to be fair, a person can't connect to everyone, but you can exchange some fun or interesting or kind words to people you see regularly yet who basically remain strangers. (To be clear: the above shouldn't be confused with small talk, which is globally recognized as THE WORST.)

Now, say you do want to form a stronger bond. What then? Well, for starters, you can't fake it. Cruise control doesn't apply when forging important interpersonal relationships. You must engage with another human being. Be open to navigate a series of gives and takes and two-way streets and insert-your-own-metaphor-for-communication-here until, finally & if all goes well, you find yourselves closer to one another... and you're friggen happy about it! Listen hard, speak from the heart, repeat. (And if you're me... which I am... throw in a few drinks & movies & girly gossip & asses being laughed off.)

Maybe Don Jon wasn't my movie, but I'm oh so happy it reminded me that real bonds are worth the effort of saying STFU to your selfish side or lazy side or grumpy side. Forget about yourself for a while (it's okay, you'll still be there later). Then call up the folks who fill your heart -- you probably fill theirs up, too.

I kinda sorta really needed such a reminder... even if it required sitting through 90 minutes of butts, boobies, and jersey accents.

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