Sunday, October 6, 2013

My week in review: Hello, October!

Tuesday marked the start of a new month. Legitimate sweater weather, folks. It's autumn!

What are some of the things I've done this week?

1. Watched Gravity! Prime time Friday night. 3D. Robo-seats. Slight-to-semi-strong buzz. WOOOO! I'm not about to pretend it was the greatest fracken movie ever, but I will say I was thoroughly entertained throughout.


2. Watched Tyrannosaur solo. BIG MISTAKE. Clearly, I'd deluded myself into thinking it was simply a sad/intense movie about a sad/intense/angry older man who befriends a lady in need. Generally, this outset-assumption holds true. But let me tell you... it was dark. After mere minutes, I'd already been catapulted beyond my comfort zone. Then shit got darker. At the risk of inevitable trouble sleeping (check!), I stuck with it. Love me a story about outsiders finding each other, and therein finding some solace. (But I will never watch this particular one again.)

3. Recommended Bossypants to my work friend, Hyein. I get anxious giving any kind of suggestions (book/movie/food/clothes/etc/etc/etc), because I'm a weirdo with weirdo tastes, and who's to say others will agree with me. Hope she likes it!

4. Accidentally-on-purpose painted by nails bright, Halloween pumpkin orange. Happy holidays?

5. Tried this restaurant yesterday afternoon. Grilled falafel pita = mmm (+ garlic breath).

Will try to see my parents this week. After this particular weekend, I'm missing them loads. I guess that's not really related to anything else in I've written tonight. Tant pis.

Until we meet again, safe travels! :*

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