Monday, October 7, 2013

Best jeans ever!

Now that's a bold statement. Best jeans ever? Whoa there, calm down.

Except I can't! I can't calm down about these jeans! My ass has found its soul mate in the form of Topshop's Jamie jean.

Suffice it to say, I'm very happy with my first (and long overdue) Topshop purchase. The rise is belly button-high. The wash is black. (Is black denim considered a "wash"? I should probably know this.) (Google thinks it might be.) The stretch is just firm enough that my entire gut (ladylike, immirite!) is held in a comfortable, Spanx-like grip.

Granted, the cropped length isn't ideal, but (a) I'm short and (b) the weather is calling for boots. I think I'll be okay.

If I'm still cuckoo for them in a week from now, I'm taking myself (and my trustee credit card) back to The Bay and imma snatch up a few more pairs. Because that's what happens in my world: I fall in love with a look, then never waver for years. Stay tuned!

For future reference. I think this link will work. If not, blame the Internet.

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