Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Watching fabric burn (you learn something new every day).

T'was a very long day at work -- we were prepping for tomorrow's yogawear photoshoot, and a select few of us (Hyein, Laura and myself) only walked out those glorious front doors around 7PM. Aside from a minor, paper-related injury (don't you fucking hate getting a cut beneath your fingernail, know what I mean?), I have zero complaints! I love the collaborative, creative, we're-all-in-this-shit-together side of my job. And while that side doesn't surface often enough, when it does, oh golly I'm a happy lady!

And that's not even what I want(ed) to write about! Yay for last-minute silver linings!

So I've worked in fashion production for 2+ years and didn't know that you can burn fabric to tell whether it's synthetic- or natural-fiber based. Pretty fucking shameful. Even my dad new this trick. (He pointed this out during our new-ish ritual: weekly lunch dates!)

On some level, I'm sure I knew this. Polyester is plastic and plastic melts. Thinking about it now, I guess what made this learning experience so special is that my boss took the time to show me something new. It happens every once in a while, but it never gets old. Gotta remember to go that extra mile (half mile, even) with people. Don't phone it in.

OK, gonna drink some white wine now. This was never (NEVERRR) my drink, not even close! But now? I'm hooked! That's my night, folks. White wine and Weeds (alliteration much?) until J-Dog gets home. See ya! :*

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