Monday, September 30, 2013


Full disclosure: It's now Monday night. I'm watching Gatsby on Blu-ray (my first one!) and wrapped like a burrito in a Mexican gift shop blanket. 
Last week marked the start of fall, but this weekend was a glorious sun fest of over-dressed proportions. 

A blanket with a view.

It's not even that my summer clothes have been stashed away. (You're confusing me with a moderately-organized person.) I'm just so darn happy to wear sweaters again. However, living sans mom means no more hourly weather updates and unsolicited almost-out-the-door outfit advice.

Come Sunday morning, I strutted out the front door wearing dark denim, a three-quarter sleeve shirt, inifity scarf, and orange zip-back boots. It was nearly 25 degrees out & took five minutes to start melting.

Breakfast at Sparrow led to Puces Pop perusing. I can't whole-heartedly say that craft shopping in a church basement (on a hot and sticky Sunday afternoon, no less) is my thing -- but I wish I could. While I didn't buy anything for myself, it sure was nice to browse the displays and chit chat with the people. Josh and I actually bumped into someone whose print we purchased weeks ago!

Some folks me thinks are worth adoring: Bookhou (I came thisclose to buying one of their clutches), Atelier B (beautiful workmanship, dang I'd like to work with these folks!), Drawn and Quarterly (duh), Marmod8 (why didn't I snatch up that toy soldier pendant?), Raymond Biesinger (the aforementioned print artist).

Afterward, we collected park-friendly accoutrements from home, then headed to Parc Laurier for some light reading and end-of-season sun-soaking. At this point, I swapped out the boots for some sneakers. Even then, the socks proved too much insulation -- but it didn't really matter. We had a blanket and music and water bottles and each other. Goodness gracious, even just remembering it & even though it's already gone, I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer.

OK. Let's focus on autumn bonuses before bidding adieu for the night. First up: Marshmallows in hot chocolate. Bonne nuit!

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