Tuesday, September 24, 2013

...and spending Tuesday nights with the apartment to yourself!

Don't get me wrong. It's totally beautiful to spend long stretches of time with your life's love. But sometimes, a girl's gotta take advantage of a night home alone.

And NO I'm not covertly talking about vibrators but thanks for asking.

(To keep in mind for later: I am, as of this very moment, 2.5 glasses of red wine deep. Woooo! Freedom tastes like a $12 grocery store purchase, and it's delicious!)

Here's a pointformed list-o-rama of how I spent my Tuesday night home alone.

1. Exited Laurier metro. Purchased 1 scoop cherry ice cream (on a sugar cone, because I'm not a fucking amateur). OK technically this part of my evening wasn't spent "at home". But I was on the way home, and that must count for something. Are we on the same page? OK cool, we are.

2. Got home (ta da!), plopped my sorry ass down on the couch for 4.75 seconds before remembering I was still starving.

3. Got back up to start preparing my favorite dish: bowl of rice with whatever-the-fuck ingredients mixed inside it. Gourmet cuisine! What was tonight's delicacy, meticulously curated by yours truly, you ask? [Who is asking??] Basmati rice, cooked with a hand-me-down rice cooker (fancy); fried polenta leftovers seasoned with some rando garlic stuff we have on the "spice shelf" (yes we have a spice shelf) (also, Josh will be oh so happy that I repurposed food); sesame-crusted chickpeas (literally crusted, as in I left the frying pan alone for too long and the sesame seads kinda burnt/melded to the chickpeas).

At this point, the evening is already a wild success!

4. Watched some Breaking Bad.

5. Gave up on Breaking Bad. 

6. Watched the season four premiere of Downton Abbey -- during which, Josh was on the receiving end of (at least) three different types of crying emojis. O THE TURMOIL! THIS SHOW!

And now, here we are. Or, more accurately, here I am -- typing nonsense, Youtube-ing Edward Sharpe in the background. 

Hmm... what's that there, hiding behind my new & uber stylish pillows?

I think I'm still trying to find "a voice" for this blog/journal/blurnal. My normal, day-to-day voice is OK and all, but sometimes it gets a little drunk. Maybe I need a more clear and concise goal. Or maybe I should keep pushing myself to simply write about the things I like. Seems like a solid enough project for now. 

OK, let's end things on a musical note. Good night! Sleep tight! :*

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  1. love spending nights alone - yours sounds lovely :)