Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On spending Saturdays with your boyfriend.

I didn't take many/any pictures this weekend, so, unfortunately, there's no photographic evidence of the low-key-come-fun-times that were had. Oh well! A textual rundown will suffice :)

Saturday was hands-down tremendous. When your day starts with A NEWFOUND (for me) BREAKFAST OF DREAMS, you take note. Said breakfast -- the Diner sandwich from Bagels Etc on St. Laurent -- hit the spot (nay, murdered the spot) with its marriage of challah bread, fried egg, crispy bacon, mayo, lettuce, & tomato. Didn't bother clocking it into My Fitness Pal (she can be so judgmental). Weekends aren't for MFP! They're for stuffing one's face, then heading to ZARA! And the movies! Which is exactly what J-Dog and I did.

With my Zara black leather stacked-heel booties snug in their bag, we moseyed into the AVX theatre (ooh gotta love those reclining seats) to watch Prisoners. Talk about the ultimate date-movie! And by date-movie, I mean nightmare-scenario-you-wouldn't-wish-upon-an-enemy-movie. While I can't foresee any reason for a re-watch -- it wasn't bad, just troubling & tough to sit through -- Prisoners gave us plenty to ponder on our walk along the cusp of Old Montreal, then back up St. Laurent, home.

Let's skip over that segment of the evening, which consisted mainly of some brief Internet-ing and cooking supper. We debated whether or not to stay in. (It was raining. Pouring. Old men were snoring.) In the end, the dive-y bar down the street was calling our names. We only stayed long enough for one drink and a VERY professional & impressive tête-à-tête of pool, then high-tailed it out of there before an onslaught of neighborhood youths arrived.

To round up a day of boyfriend-girlfriend chillage, we promptly collapsed on the couch upon arriving home, streamed some Comedy Central, and feel asleep. Now that's one sexy Saturday. (Wouldn't have spent it any other way.)

OK, I snuck one photo in. Vintage J&S.

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