Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Friday night, I'm home with a cold, and we've been deliberating for an hour over which movie to Netflix. Since this is taking long & the Greek food hasn't been delivered yet, I thought why not share some upcoming flics I'm most excited about. Woo!

1. My deep love for David Sedaris aside, C.O.G. looks like it'll be a splendid little movie!

2. Come on. A documentary about Carine Roitfeld? I was already in line for Mademoiselle C. (mentally, spiritually?) weeks ago.

3. When I first saw the trailer for Gravity earlier this summer, I had a very visceral reaction -- I laughed like a lunatic at that shot of Sandra Bullock slowly spinning into oblivion. Not laughing at the prospect of her actually flying off in real life. I'm not a jerk. What can I say? I mean, aside from the following: (a) I was inebriated; (b) the sight is, at once, striking and ridiculous; (c) anything/everything about being lost in space is enough to send me into a fit of nervous laughter.

4. And then there's Enough Said. O my heart.


I'll keep on adding (there sure are plenty of gems coming down the pipe).

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