Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So I'm sitting here on this old couch (and by "old" I mean "new" because we only assembled it two months ago), catching up on some at-home Internet-ing for the first time in forever.

I'm also watching The Mindy Project for the first time. Since when is James Franco on TV? Should these people be talking about reverse-cowgirl sex on basic cable? Oh, the questions!

Trying to think of something nice that happened today. I've been in a funk lately for a bevy of reasons, so this is proving to be a tricky task. 


Waking up at my parents' house was real great! As was chatting with Pops on the car-ride to work. (Yup, when I stay home, I get a lift to work the next day. I suspect it's part of my folks' elaborate plan to lure me back to the nest.) It's a funny thing, talking about Negronis and wine before 9:30AM. With your dad. This, in stark contrast to the convo I had with Mama about laundry and yoga clothes (not that either of us partakes in the torturous exercise), all while watching The Today Show.

As for my sister -- she'd already barricaded herself in the bathroom before I was out of bed, and then rushed out the house for school. Kids-slash-future-pharmacists these days!

Dianus the post-grad!

OK. I love my family.


Still watching TMP. Someone peed on Mindy Kaling. Tremendous!

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