Monday, March 24, 2014

not dead, just tired.

Hey y'all. Sure has been a while.

In case anyone was worried: Nope, I wasn't crushed by a weak-hinged closet door, nor buried alive under a pile of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Instead, I quit my job! Because I found a new one!

That was late-January. Between then and now, here are some other things I've accomplished:

- Cried at the Elton John concert.
- Tried my hand at some baaasic origami.
- Almost nailed Beyonce's choreography from the Flawless video.
- Started/finished House of Cards.
- Started/finished True Detective.
- Found my new role model.
- Went to the Kanye West show. Wore a sleeveless tee with his face on it.
- Bought some game-changing top coat.
- Grappled with the art of shampooing one's hair every second day.
- Went to Santa Clara.

Yeah, you can say I'm a busy lady. (I just typo-d lazy instead of lady. True story.) Now, I'm not making any lofty promises because I'd rather be a woman of my word... but... I sincerely hope to check back here regularly. Exhaustion be damned. I spend enough time thinking about the silly things I'd like to share here. Maybe I just have to push myself to do it. Wish me luck!

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