Monday, December 16, 2013

on friendship and falafel

Falafel recipe: acquired and printed.

Falafel ingredients: purchased and poised for combat.

Falafel chef: watching Breaking Bad, waiting for my apricot beer (so I'm a classy lady, what's your point?) to chill in the fridge. O sweet yeezus I wanna be productive but Bob Odenkirk's argyle socks have me hypnotized.

OK there's one other thing.

I've sentenced myself to couch prison mostly out of sheer unwillingness to wrangled a medium-sized issue that's troubling me. And I say "on friendship" up top because (spoiler alert) said wrangling involves a (truly) dear friend and a sensitive/potentially explosive subject.

I can be confrontational. Normally, these confrontations are spurred by rude strangers and/or work drama and/or PMS (truth). Rarely, if ever, am I strong enough to speak up against a friend if something offensive happens, or when my feelings get hurt. Instead of acting, instead of clearing the air, I often end up stewing in resentment and yucky vibes until the feelings go away. Feel free to call this a bad habit -- I already do. As much as I long for the strength to speak and the tact to do so without hurting anyone, I've yet to have much/any success. 

So. Tonight. I should make a call & bring up a sticky subject. My mind's eye can see that this is the right thing to do. But here I am, warming my legs with my laptop (it's freezing in the apartment), completely putting off the deed. Maybe this behaviour is a testament to my procrastinor soul. Or maybe I'm just a chicken. How do other people broach issues with their pals? What would Carrie Bradshaw do? (JOKES I don't really ask myself that.) (OK sometimes I do but only when I'm shopping.) (Stress SOMETIMES because who else remembers when she wore a crop top + full length skirt + belt around her exposed torso?? Not exactly a trustworthy style guru.)

Right. I'm starving. Wish me luck, universe. Byeee!

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