Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sometimes you get a mixed bag

T'was a long day. Despite its teeth-grindingly ARGH! moments, there were many a highlight!

#1. Had an early start, thanks to a pre-work Tim Horton's breakfast date. If anyone's wondering, bacon Tim Matin sandwiches fully justify waking up thirty minutes early.

#2. Then! I was unbelievably productive at work. Like, dealing-with-samples-that-have-lived-on-my-desk-for-weeks productive. Can only assume my body ain't used to caffeine before 9AM (rumor has it, I'm prone to serious lazy bones that early in the morning), because the in-transit Timmy Hoe coffee turned me into a veritable task master of borderline-recreational-Ritalin-user proportions. Happy belly + checking off To Do Lists = cha-ching!

#3. Made my own tzatsiki tonight! Since this is the internet & you can't see me & I can faux-brag about how long I'd research the perfect recipe, I'll just err on the side of honesty because why the fuck not? Basically, I Googled "good tzatsiki" or something to that effect, and this easy peasy Martha Stewart-approved recipe arrived. Score!

This is when I should interject to divulge THE MASTER PLAN: Make souvlaki. With beef and feta and the expensive squishy pitas.

However. Something... happened... when I was at the grocery store.

Ya that's right, I still haven't put away BJ3. I should be neat/tidy/etc, but the bookshelf is just so faaaar (i.e. seven steps) away.

 #4. White wine! My old friend! Thankfully, I'm au courant to the wicked ways of this delightful buddy, & made sure to (a) finish making tzasiki and (b) stow it away to chill in the fridge. Now, sipping away at a glass, I find myself couch-bound (mmm), eating leftover Rockets (mmmmm), and down the black hole that is Youtube. Specificially: Youtubing movie trailers.

(Notice how I verb-ed not one but two websites! Googled, Youtubed, who the hell am I? Is this how people are supposed to speak?)

(Lemme check.)

(OK it appears that Google is in the dictionary but Youtube isn't. Who knew!)

Right. Get off couch. Get in kitchen. I'm on it! (In ten more minutes.) Before I cut loose, why don't I share the niftiest trailer from my recent e-adventures.

Let's call that #5. Pretty neat, huh? :)

First photo courtesy of this kick ass Esquire photo shoot. Other photos c/o StefaniPhone.

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