Tuesday, April 8, 2014

april showers and the like

Montreal is finally on the outs of a brutal, bone-chilling winter. The snow has started to melt, revealing an array of treasures as it does -- mounds of cigarette butts and missing gloves galore! The city is a thing of beauty.

My brain's been running wild, thinking of all I want to do once the sidewalks are fully shoe-friendly. Here's a shortlist (because my brain is tired and presently incapable of forming full paragraphs).

1. Retire my winter coat, for real. Upgrade to trench coat; transform from awkward down-stuffed marshmallow to chic fashionista. Only I'll still be awkward because hello have we met?

2. Go paddle boating on the Lachine Canal. 

3. PARK MY REAR ON A TERRACE. Coffee, cocktail, I don't care -- I just want to sit outside for a while.

4. Rent a Bixi. (Confession: I have yet to ride a Bixi. This feels like the year!)

5. Buy this, fill it with potted plants -- maybe leave the top tray free for serving drinks? -- and wheel it out onto our backyard patio.

5.2. Pick out new/cute/affordable outdoor furniture for said backyard.

5.3. Find a no-brainer how-to for starting your own vegetable garden, then, well, plant one!

Methinks that's enough brainstorming for now. Sleep tight, kiddos. :)

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