Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On your mark!

Hi there! Welcome to Those Who Seek, my tiny wee fraction of the Internet.
My name is Stefania. (Stef if you're my pal. Steffy if you're my mom.) I'd like to say I'll be your guide through the ins and outs of this blog. In truth, I'm the one who needs guidance.
You see, I struggle with optimism. I struggle with positivity. I struggle to foster solid, enduring happiness. When others are having a shitty day, I can help them see the silver lining, no problem! I can cheer folks up; I can talk reason to friends who are seeing red; I know everything is good. In those moments, I believe what I say and how I feel. But, when the tables are on the other foot and the shoes are turned and blah blah blah, I can't do the same for myself.
Starting today, I am going to try harder. This blog is the first step.
The plan? Those Who Seek will (hopefully!) be somewhere for me to generate and foster good vibes -- whichever form they take. Here's my thinking: If I talk about things I see and things I like; if I explore what I want to know more about; if I generally gush about all that's fun and interesting and inspiring; eventually, I'll build up a big ol' ball of positive energy from which I can learn and grow.
It's worth a try. So here we go! :)

Photo cred: Liz Von Hoene for Kate Spade Spring 2010

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